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What To Look For When Buying A Quality Rocking Chair or Glider Rocker For Your Home

American-Built Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Rocking Chairs

The Discriminating Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Rocking Chairs

Do You appreciate beautiful hardwood furniture built by craftsmen to last for generations?
Are You seeking just the right rocking chair or glider-rocker to delight Your family?
If so, read this Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Rocking Chairs & Glider-Rockers

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Hardwood Rocking Chair Guide – Part 1
Hardwood Rocking Chair Guide – Part 2
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Mennonite Furniture Studios Hardwood Rocking Chairs Guide e-Book


The Discriminating Furniture Buyers’ Guide To Heirloom Quality Rocking Chairs – Part 2


Our Rocking Chair Heritage

Heritage Colonial Acorn-Back Rocking ChairAmish Heritage Bow-Back Windsor Childs Rocking Chair
Amish ‘Heritage’ Childrens Rocking Chairs
by American Heirloom Furniture

Our Rocking Chair Heritage

Furnishing styles and tastes continuously evolve, but the simple Traditional Rocking Chair continues to bring joy to all generations. Particularly popular as a cherished gift from expectant grandparents, a well-built rocking chair can last to comfort your grandchildren throughout their lives, from nursing in their mothers arms through to distant old age. Find out more about the many different styles of Rocking Chair and Glider-Rocker available to us from our rich heritage of North American furniture craftsmen.

Young or old, everyone loves a hardwood Rocking Chair. We continuously marvel as otherwise busy visitors to our furniture showrooms are attracted to sit and rock, temporarily escaping the normal hustle and bustle, until an accompanying spouse or child demands their attention back to the real world. Unaccompanied ‘rockers’ are eventually jostled back to reality by other visitors who want to take their turn in our Heirloom Quality rocking chairs! Our craftsmen understand that as well as being relaxing and enjoyable to use, a true ‘Heirloom Quality’ rocking chair, should be an investment that provides You with supreme and lasting value.


Mennonite Furniture Studios

Heritage Colonial Country Lane Rocking ChairColonial Acorn Country Lane Glider
Amish ‘Heritage’ American Heirloom Furniture
Colonial Daisy Country Lane Rocking Chair (left)
& Colonial Acorn Country Lane Glider

Rocking Chairs & Glider Rockers

Perhaps the trusty Rocking Chair triggers secure memories of our early childhood, whatever the cause, a quality hardwood rocking chair is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying and eternally useful pieces of furniture that you could ever own or bequeath to a close friend or family member. While many opt for the appealing charm and simple elegance of a traditional Rocking Chair, its close relative the Gliding Rocking Chair or Glider-Rocker actually raises rocking comfort to an even higher level. Share some time to note with us some features of a superior rocking chair or glider-rocker:

Choosing Your Rocking Chair or Glider-Rocker

We work hard to ensure that every one of today’s Heirloom Quality chairs is better in many ways than the original furniture of old that it is based upon. We apply the best proven designs and legacy joinery techniques that have evolved through generations of craftsmen, and we also take advantage of advances in furniture manufacturing technology and the quality of modern glues and finishes.


Understand which features You should demand and which ones You should avoid in order to get the best value from Your next quality rocking chair purchase:


Mennonite Furniture Studios American Heirloom Furniture – Only The Best Endures!

Uncompromised Beauty, Functionality, Durability, and Value
The Quality Rocking Chairs of yesteryear were built to last by caring men who thoroughly understood their tools, materials and craft.
Today, our Mennonite & Amish furniture makers undergo a long apprenticeship to develop keen eyes and skilled hands, and these expert craftsmen are dedicated to unhurriedly building furniture the right way – offering exceptional value without compromise!


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