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What To Look For When Buying Quality Hardwood Bedroom Cabinetry For Your Home

American-Built Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

The Discriminating Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Bedroom Cabinets

Do You appreciate beautiful hardwood furniture built by craftsmen to last for generations?
Are You seeking just the right bedroom chests to grace Your sleeping chamber?
If so, read this Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Bedroom Cabinets

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The Discriminating Furniture Buyers’ Guide To Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Bedroom Cabinets – Part 2


American Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

Maple Shaker Double Dresser (54 inches wide) by American Heirloom Furniture
Heritage Maple Hardwood Shaker Double Dresser by American Heirloom Furniture

Our Bedroom Cabinet Heritage

Furnishing styles and tastes continuously evolve, but throughout the decades no bedroom could ever be considered complete without some form of cabinetry. Colonial, Shaker, Mission… there are many different styles of bedroom furniture available to us from our rich heritage of North American furniture craftsmen

Every sleeping chamber needs a dresser or a chest of drawers Not only do these furniture pieces provide necessary storage space, but they also complete and add a decorative touch to any bedroom. Take a moment with us to notice the marks of an Heirloom Quality bedroom cabinet, and why it provides such supreme and lasting value.

Dressers (Dressing Tables)

Dressers feature lots of drawers in a relatively low case. The top should be a convenient height for you to place your toiletry items upon. Larger (double and triple) dressers usually provide drawers in graduated sizes, to help organize your belongings.


American Hardwood Bedroom Cabinets

Heritage Colonial Chest Of Drawers, Heritage Colonial Armoire, and Mission Mule Chest by American Heirloom Furniture
Heritage Hardwood Bedroom Cabinets by American Heirloom Furniture

Bedside Tables, Chests, & Wardrobes

Night Stands (Bedside Tables, Bedside Chests) are relatively small chests with one or more drawers for your overnight necessities. The top should be at a height convenient to your mattress height If you read in bed, choose a night stand with lower shelves to hold your books.
Heritage Colonial Night Table shown on left.

Chests of Drawers are tall chests which usually have numerous drawers, often graduated in size to accommodate your different clothing types.

Armoires & Wardrobes are both tall storage cases consisting of drawers below, with either shelf storage above (termed Armoires) or rod hanging space above (Wardrobes). A shaker wardrobe cabinet is termed a ‘Clothes Press’.
Heritage Colonial Armoire shown in center.

Mule Chests are real workhorses (pardon the pun). Consisting of a very large dresser with a triple door armoire top. These bedroom cases can also be provided with both a hanging rod and shelves in their upper cabinet. Mule chests provide ample storage capacity and may easily pass for a built in cabinet.
Heritage Mission Mule Chest shown on right.


Higboys & Lowboys

Heritage Queen Anne Highboy by American Heirloom Furniture
Heritage Queen Anne Highboy by American Heirloom Furniture

Highboy Cabinets

Highboys have occupied a place of distinction in the bed chambers of our most prestigious families for many generations. With multiple drawers of various sizes, the Highboy cabinet provides considerable and elegant storage capacity wherever it is placed. In fact, many Colonial homes featured a highboy in the parlor, nor should you limit this beautiful and flexible furniture piece to sole use in Your bedroom.

Originally developed from the Lowboy (‘chest-on-a-stand’) with a second chest added above, the Highboy has become one of our most popular furniture pieces, known in England by the wordy term, ‘tall chest-of-drawers on-a-stand’. The design originally developed to allow one to open the lower drawers without having to bend over. The Highboy cabinet was also popular with one’s staff, as it allowed them to clean under it with ease.


Mennonite Furniture Studios – American Heirloom Furniture
‘Classic’ & ‘Heritage’ Bedroom Cabinets Built In America By Mennonite & Amish Craftsmen
Heirloom Quality Furniture At A Price You Can Afford

Uncompromised Beauty, Functionality, Durability, and Value
The Quality Cabinets of yesteryear were built to last by caring men who thoroughly understood their tools, materials and craft.
Today, our Mennonite & Amish furniture makers undergo a long apprenticeship to develop keen eyes and skilled hands, and these expert craftsmen are dedicated to unhurriedly building Your bedroom furniture the right way – offering exceptional value without compromise!


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Mennonite Furniture Studios American Hardwood Heirloom Furniture
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