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What To Look For When Buying Quality Hardwood Bedroom Cabinetry For Your Home

American-Built Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

The Discriminating Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Bedroom Cabinets

Do You appreciate beautiful hardwood furniture built by craftsmen to last for generations?
Are You seeking just the right bedroom chests to grace Your sleeping chamber?
If so, read this Furniture Buyers Guide To Heirloom Quality Bedroom Cabinets

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Hardwood Bedroom Cabinet Guide – Part 1
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Hardwood Bedroom Cabinet Guide – Part 3
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Mennonite Furniture Studios Hardwood Bedroom Cabinet Guide e-Book


The Discriminating Furniture Buyers’ Guide To Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Bedroom Cabinets – Part 3


Upgrading To A Custom Dining Table

Many people find that it is worth paying just a little extra for a custom dining table. Available in various sizes to meet your needs and assure the best possible fit in your room. By choosing a custom dining table You can select from various hardwoods, finish colors, leg motifs, skirting styles, and table top edge treatments, to compliment Your existing furniture and suit Your own specific tastes.

Custom Extension Dining Tables
Exceptional Quality, Timely Service, Fair Price…

Shaker Style Custom Extension Dining Table With Exotic Maple Top And Matching Shaker Ladder-Back Chairs
Custom Shaker Extension Dining Table With Exotic Maple Top by American Heirloom Furniture

“We searched high and low until we found Mennonite Furniture Studios ‘American Heirloom Furniture’ via the internet. Once the maple wood for our table arrived, they mailed us stained samples. There are very few expensive items I have purchased that I felt were of exceptional quality. I would absolutely say this furniture is exceptional. The entire shopping experience with them was enjoyable. They were timely and thorough in answering my questions, went out of their way to earn my trust, charged me a very fair price (in fact, we had enough money left to place an additional order for a coffee table and two candle tables) and delivered a fine product on time. I would shop there again and recommend my friends to do the same.”
Saki, Hanover, Maryland

To Find Out More About Exceptional Custom Furniture At A Very Fair Price Call 716.775.0206 Or e-mail

How To Obtain High Quality & Lasting Value In Your Bedroom Cabinets

Understand which features You should demand and which ones You should avoid in order to get the best value from Your next quality bedroom cabinet purchase:

What To Insist On: – Find out exactly what to look for in a true ‘Heirloom Quality Cabinet’ that will beautifully accommodate Your needs, and be easily maintained to last for generations

What To Avoid: – Find out how to look for, identify, and avoid common cabinet manufacturers cost-cutting steps that will simply not bear the burden of normal use in Your home

Insist On This – What To Look For When Choosing Quality Bedroom Cabinets For Your Home

Bedroom Chest Quality And Value

A true ‘Heirloom Quality’ bedroom chest is always a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Caringly crafted from selected solid hardwood, it will provide far superior value to any of the mass-produced cabinets that You’ll find in most furniture stores – and the majority of people are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable an Heirloom Quality cabinet can be.

Heirloom Quality bedroom chests must be designed to be functional in their application. As furniture manufacturers, we purposefully provide a broad range of cabinet styles, finishes, and layouts – so that you can choose the optimum combination to suit Your particular requirements! Make sure that Your new cabinets will fit into your bedroom with plenty of space to open drawers and doors. Choose Your drawer and cupboard combination to make the best use of the available space, so that the of hanging space, drawer space and shelf space will fit Your needs.

Beauty: Heirloom Quality cabinets are beautiful pieces of furniture, displaying a balanced sense of proportion. The fine cabinetry design details and the accompanying hardware should intimately compliment each other. Joints should always be clean and uniform, and the finish should be even and smooth – amplifying the natural beauty of the underlying hardwood grain.

Quality Bedroom Chest Construction: A true Heirloom Quality bedroom chest is designed and constructed, using time-tested engineering principles, carefully selected hardwoods, and quality materials, to be both strong and durable. Inspect the top of any cabinet that You are considering – the use of veneers is simply not acceptable for any piece that You mean to use regularly and expect to last as legacy furniture. Insist on a Solid Hardwood Case that will never wear through, and may be sanded down, repaired and refinished – even when subjected to extreme ‘wear and tear’.

Look For Legacy Carpentry Techniques: Solid hardwoods, edge-jointed with care, form a long lasting, smooth top, which with moderate care will never warp or split. Since drawers receive the brunt of wear and tear, drawer boxes should always be constructed with dovetail joints – both front and back!. In particular, make sure that the drawer sides are dovetailed into the drawer front (rather than the front being attached to the drawer box with screws). Dovetail joints are nearly impossible to pull apart. Also look for closely fitting mortise-and-tenon joinery in the doors, and ship-lap joints in solid-wood backs. These superior joinery techniques have been used by craftsmen for generations to produce beautiful yet strong cabinets that retain their beauty and their functionality through time. Carefully check the fit of the drawers and doors. Doors should fit snugly, but not so tightly as to put undo stress on hinges or knobs.

Ask About The Glues Used: Modern technology has allowed the development of tenacious adhesives that allow the wood to move naturally with the seasons while providing joints that are now stronger than the structure of the wood itself.

Look For A Tough Hardened Varnish: Ask about modern catalyzed finishes and clean-room coating techniques. These allow full development of color and luster that emphasize the natural beauty of the wood grain, yet allow full protection against water and spillage of common household chemicals. Today’s Heirloom Quality cabinets are far more durable than the antiques they are modeled on – so they require far less care and maintenance.


Mennonite Furniture Studios American Heirloom Furniture – Amish ‘Classic’ & Amish ‘Heritage’ Furniture Classifications

Amish ‘Classic’ Furniture Piece
A ‘Reproduction Antique’, faithfully following a distinct and premier antique furniture piece. Mennonite Furniture Studios ‘Classic’ Furniture remains exactly true to the original furniture form and style, using the original joinery techniques.

Compared to the master piece, use of modern glues and finishes enhances quality, and selected components may deploy a minor increase in wood thickness in order to address a known weak point in the original design.

Mennonite Furniture Studios Amish ‘Classic’ Furniture pieces are actually of higher quality, and are more durable and easily maintained, than the antique masterpieces that they are modeled upon.

Mennonite Furniture Studios
Shaker Bedroom Suite by American Heirlooms Furniture
Heritage Shaker Bedroom Suite by American Heirloom Furniture

Amish ‘Heritage’ Furniture Piece
A Masterful Adaptation of a distinct and premier antique furniture piece, with some alteration to increase both functionality and durability

Compared to the original piece, use of modern glues and finishes enhances quality. Variations in both joinery techniques and wood thickness enhance strength and durability. Adjustment of the original form and style improve functionality.

Mennonite Furniture Studios Amish ‘Heritage’ Furniture pieces are actually of higher quality and more durable, requiring less maintenance, and offering enhanced functionality, compared to the original furniture pieces that they are modeled upon.


Mennonite Furniture Studios American Heirloom Furniture – Only The Best Endures!

Uncompromised Beauty, Functionality, Durability, and Value
The Quality Cabinets of yesteryear were built to last by caring men who thoroughly understood their tools, materials and craft.
Today, our Mennonite & Amish furniture makers undergo a long apprenticeship to develop keen eyes and skilled hands, and these expert craftsmen are dedicated to unhurriedly building Your bedroom furniture the right way – offering exceptional value without compromise!


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Mennonite Furniture Studios American Hardwood Heirloom Furniture
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