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Mennonite Furniture Studios American Hardwood Heirloom Furniture Finishes

Mennonite Furniture Studios 24 Standard Finishes For Oak, Cherry Or Maple American Hardwood Furniture

American-Built Heirloom-Quality Hardwood Furniture Finishes

Hand-Built & Hand-Finished Hardwood Furniture Direct From Our Workshop

Every piece of Mennonite Furniture Studios genuine American Hardwood furniture is hand-finished by a highly skilled and experienced Mennonite or Amish Craftsman, under cleanroom-type conditions, in our unique finishing facility. Following careful sanding and preparation, we apply a wipe-on stain (available in a choice of colors) that accentuates the natural beauty of the oak, maple, or cherry hardwood wood grain. We then apply 3 coats of crystal clear catalyzed finish to maximize the durability and toughness of Your furniture.

Heirloom-Quality Furniture With Durable Modern Finishing Technology

Catalyzed Clear Finishes

Our modern, high build, catalyzed crystal clear finishes are environmentally friendly with low VOC and negligible HAP’s. They are also guaranteed to perform with exceptional water-resistance, and be hard-wearing, and tough in normal use in Your home. These incredible finishes even resist attack by solvents and household chemicals, so You can be confident that Your furniture will retain its beauty and lustre for generations – with the absolute minimum of maintnenance. Just wipe your furniture with a damp cloth to keep it clean – No Polish Required!

Unlike mass-produced or veneer-finished furniture, should Your furniture from Mennonite Furniture Studios ever become marred by extreme misuse it can be restored to it’s original beauty, because it is made from solid, premium quality, American hardwood.

Mennonite Furniture Studios Range Of 24 Standard Hardwood Finishes

Mennonite Furniture Studios offers 24 Standard Finishes – Whether You choose Oak, Cherry or Maple Hardwood furniture, all ‘Classic’, ‘Heritage’, and ‘Contemporary’ pieces are available in all 24 finishes:

Semi-Transparent Stain Colors

  • Natural Stain
  • HoneySpice Stain
  • Special Light Stain
  • Golden Stain
  • Autumn Wheat Stain
  • Early American Stain
  • Heirloom Stain
  • Classic Walnut Stain
  • Dark Walnut Stain
  • Red Mahogany Stain

Monochromatic Solid Colors

Solid Colors

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Turquoise
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple


Important Information About Furniture Finishes

Please note that the appearance of finishes in website images may vary significantly, depending upon many factors including your computer display and settings. The optimum way to view and choose Your furniture stain is on Hardwood Finish Sample Chips under the actual range of ambient lighting present in Your own home.

To see images of our furniture finishes on each species of hardwood please click on the most appropriate link below:

Hardwood Finish Sample Chips Available

For Your convenience Hardwood Finish Sample Chips can be purchased from our online catalog, at a nominal price, to help You choose the best finish for Your furniture under the range of ambient lighting conditions prevalent in Your own home. Available for Oak, Cherry, & Maple Hardwoods, each set of 12 sample chips costs only $16.99 with Free Shipping. This minor investment will allow you to experiment and view actual finish samples under full natural daylight, varying conditions of shade, and under the range of artificial lighting conditions present in Your home. Then You can confidently make the very best possible decision when choosing Your furniture finish!
Hardwood Finish Sample Chip Set Available.

Custom Finishes Also Available

What if our Standard Range Of Finishes are not a fit for You? Custom Finishes are also available.

To provide the optimum possible match to Your existing home decor & furniture, we can custom match any Solid Color in the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore catalogs ($60 Custom Finish Upcharge) and we can also Custom Match any Stain color. Call 716.775.0206 or e-mail for full details.


Mennonite Furniture Studios American Hardwood Heirloom Furniture
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