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Mennonite Furniture Studios, Mennonite & Amish Heirloom Furniture Rosette

Mennonite Furniture Studios American Heirloom Furniture
Upholstery Fabrics For Upholstered Hardwood Dining Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Glider Rocking Chairs, & Ottomans

Mennonite Furniture Studios, Mennonite & Amish Heirloom Furniture Rosette
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Furniture Upholstery Fabrics

3 Ways To Choose Your Furniture Upholstery Fabric

Mennonite Furniture Studios offers you 3 different ways to select your furniture upholstery fabric:
1. You have 5 STANDARD Upholstery Fabrics to choose from.
2. If you require more choice we also offer an extended range of 1000's of CUSTOM Upholstery Fabrics for a small additional charge.
3. You also have the option of Providing Your Own Fabric, in order to get an exact fit with your current furnishings or drapes.

Download FREE Upholstery Fabrics Guide PDF

Mennonite Furniture Studios Upholstery Fabrics Guide

1. Mennonite Furniture Studios STANDARD Upholstery Fabric Selection

Mennonite Furniture Studios offers a range of 5 STANDARD Furniture Upholstery Fabrics for you to choose from:

Upholstery Fabric Oyster 74785 Upholstery Fabric Almond 74796 Upholstery Fabric Blue 74781 Upholstery Fabric Burgundy 74782 Upholstery Fabric Emerald 74799

Oyster 74785

Almond 74796

Blue 74781

Burgundy 74782

Emerald 74799

2. Mennonite Furniture Studios CUSTOM Upholstery Fabric Selection:

If you prefer to choose from a wider range of upholstery fabrics you may choose any pattern from our extended range of CUSTOM Upholstery Fabrics, for an additional $15 charge per item. To view our extended range of CUSTOM Furniture Upholstery Fabrics click on a link below:





3. Providing Your Own Upholstery Fabric Option:

If you prefer to provide your own upholstery fabric you may do so. In this case, please call (716).775.0206 or e-mail [email protected] to make the necessary arrangements.

Mennonite Furniture Studios Hardwood Furniture Catalog
Hand-built high quality hardwood furniture, engineered to last and pass down through generations in your family. Available in a choice of oak, cherry or maple hardwoods and a range of durable finshes to suit your home and tastes:

  • 1000’s of Heirloom Quality hardwood furniture pieces available in the Online Catalog
  • Wide range of standard finishes and custom finishes available
  • Customize your furniture with choice of legs, hardware, drawers, etc.
  • Custom Pieces A Specialty! - Send Us Your Drawing or Sketch


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Uncompromised Beauty, Functionality, Durability, and Value
Quality Hardwood Furniture Pieces of yesteryear were built to last by caring men who thoroughly understood their tools, materials and craft.
Today, our furniture makers undergo a long apprenticeship to develop keen eyes and skilled hands, and these expert craftsmen are dedicated to unhurriedly building Your Heirloom Quality Furniture the right way - offering exceptional value without compromise!

Mennonite Furniture Studios, Mennonite & Amish Heirloom Furniture Rosette

Mennonite Furniture Studios American Hardwood Heirloom Furniture

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Your American Heirloom Furniture Pieces Will Be Caringly Constructed By One Of America’s
Finest & Most Dedicated Craftsmen - Mennonite & Amish Furniture Builders
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Mennonite Furniture Studios, Mennonite & Amish Heirloom Furniture Rosette

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